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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Scientists have long known that one of the mechanisms involved in the aging process is the decline of naturally occurring hormones in the body, beginning in our thirties, and then accelerating as we enter our fifties, sixties, and beyond.


Since hormones affect just about every bodily process, low levels of certain hormones and impaired communication within the endocrine system create havoc with all other body systems including the cardiovascular, immune, detoxification, and gastrointestinal systems. The imbalance of hormones can occur at any stage of life and can be influenced by many factors that lead to conditions and diseases. Several factors include:

  •    Sexual Dysfunction (e.g. Erectile Dysfunction)
  •   Thyroid disease
  •   Cardiac disease
  •   Adrenal fatigue
  •   Metabolic syndrome

An example of one the most prominent issues affecting men today in the U.S. is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Roughly 5% of men over 40 years old have complete erectile dysfunction, and that number increases to about 15% of men at age 70. Mild and moderate erectile dysfunction affects approximately 10% of men per decade of life (i.e., 50 percent of men in their 50s, 60 percent of men in their 60s). Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age, but it is more common in men that are older. Older men are more likely to have health conditions that require medication, which can interfere with erectile function.

Additionally, as men age, they may need more stimulation to get an erection and more time between erections. Although, there are a number of causes of ED in the U.S., low testosterone is one of the primary causes that effect men over 50. Our BHRT is designed to safely and effectively increase testosterone levels and balance the supporting hormones. BHRT has proven very effective in treating ED.

As these conditions affect hormone production and create an imbalance in the hormone cycle, we generally experience one or more of the following:

  •   Weight gain
  •   Energy loss
  •   Fatigue
  •   Mood swings
  •   Reduced sexual drive and performance
  •   Hair loss
  •   Poor sleep and restlessness
  •   Depression

The resurgence of attention of hormone replacement has come from the ability to compound bioidentical hormones, those that the body recognizes as its own. When hormone replacement for women first came into popularly in the 1950’s and 60’s, it was with synthetic hormones, and the results were not positive. It caused more diseases than it prevented. The results with bioidentical hormones have been quite the opposite!

The proper replacing and balancing of both male and female hormones has shown tremendous results with:

  •   Improves weight loss
  •   Improves cognitive function and memory
  •   Improves libido
  •   Better sleep
  •   Build lean muscle mass
  •   Increase bone density
  •   Increase disease resistance

Hormone replacement therapy, while very effective and beneficial, is a delicate process that requires an assessment by an experienced physician with a sound endocrinology background. Each individual is different and must be thoroughly analyzed prior to developing a protocol for health. Body & Life™’s medical team will utilize a comprehensive blood test to determine hormone, nutrient and vitamin levels in each individual, and then a Body Profile is created for each client. Based upon this profile, physician recommendations for BHRT, supplements, and prescriptions for support will be provided.

“I embrace bioidentical hormone replacement and anti-aging medicine, I gladly take my supplements, vitamins, herbs, hormones, human growth hormone injections, and vitamin B injections, and follow a healthy lifestyle and diet….This is true integrated medicine and I have never felt better or been happier in my life.”

- Ageless, The Naked Truth about Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
- Suzanne Somers -