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The field of Esthetics covers a broad line of products and services which include treatments for the skin, hair, neck, and sexual organs. Treatments such as stem cell and Platelet-rich plasma are also used specifically for esthetics. These can be applied in the face, neck, hair and sexual organs to rebuild, tighten and enhance.

The effects of stem cell and PRP treatments are slower to develop but have longer, more permanent results. Other treatments for the skin and neck will include the following:

  •   Thermitight - (heat treatment for skin)
  •   Thermismooth - (heat treatment for skin)
  •   Kybella - injectable treatment to tighten skin in the neck area
  •   Dermal fillers - (Juvederm, Voluma, Estylane, Radiesse, etc.)
  •   Botox
  •   Lipovicine - (L-Lysine and Leucine)

Dermal fillers used to eliminate wrinkles and lines from the face have become extremely popular due to their effectiveness. The family of dermal fillers are predominantly hyaluronic acid and having varying degrees of longevity in smoothing out the skin. We will offer our patients a full range of options and products in these areas.